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Next Sentence app review: A fun story app for you and your kids to create hilarious stories
“Overall … A fun story game app, great for at home and perfect for long road trips!” – Fun Educational Apps

Next Sentence app review: create your own fun stories
“The Next Sentence app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives users a chance to put their imagination to work in a fun social game.” – AppPicker

Next Sentence is the hilarious social story app for anyone, anywhere, anytime! A group play app that allows you to create stories with your friends and players from around the world.

The game reveals only the story title and a few words or the full sentence to you from the previous player, so you never know where the story will go. When it’s your turn will you write something clever or witty? We guarantee that you will laugh out loud.

The free version requires only 1 device to play the Pass & Play. Perfect for road trips, team building exercises, campfire or classroom activities.

The full version allows you to play online with friends and other authors from around the world. All stories can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or in email.

Visit for more information and read some of the stories created using the Next Sentence App.

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