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Are you up for the Pingtu puzzle challenge? Using a series of unique pieces, solve each game board to reveal exclusive icons for your collection. Do you have what it takes to be a Pingtu master?

  • Pingtu is a customizable puzzling game that can help build memory, concentration and patience:
  • Using master pieces match the colored shapes to complete the puzzle
  • Choose your favorite colors to customize your puzzle pieces
  • Three challenging levels available: beginner, intermediate and master
  • Unlock 75 collector icons and get your name on the top scorer board
  • Collector icons include superheroes, legendary icons, storybook characters, objects and animals
  • Share your collection with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or email
  • Ad free, suitable for all ages
  • Compatible with iPad, iPod, iPhone and Andriod

Level 1: Beginner

Develop your Pingtu skills using 4 uniquely colored square pieces to collect 25 character icons.

Level 2: Intermediate

Challenge your skills using 6 uniquely colored triangle pieces to collect 25 object icons.

Level 3: Pingtu Master

With 8 colored sides, this unique puzzle piece will see if you have what it takes to be a puzzle master. Beat the game by collecting the last 25 animal icons in the series.

Pingtu is derived from the Chinese word 拼图, pronouced as Pīntú, meaning picture puzzle. Award icons are all original illustrations created specifically for this app.

Download this app now for free and start building your collection today. The free version includes one puzzle from each level. Unlock the remaining puzzles in each level for 99¢ to continue collecting.

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