Spell, Write and Read

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Newly updated app with retina display for new Apple and Android devices.

Featured in Apps4kids.net – “A solid and extremely well executed spelling and tracing game. Nice and clean graphics with clear voice overs…” – Michel Lent Schwartzman, Dad. Founder, Apps4Kids

Featured in Best10Apps.com – The Great App for Early Learning that Each Kid Should Have.”

Featured in Kids Best iPad Apps and First Post – “Spell, Write & Read” has all the essentially ingredients to help and encourage kids to learn to spell, write and read.”- kidsbestiPadapps

5-star review from SmartKidsApps.org – “The app is not cluttered. The graphics are great. The music and sound effects are not grading. And the words and letters are beautifully pronounced by a human voice.” – App of the Month for April, 2013

Spell, Write and Read combines learning with engaging images, colors, music and rewards for preschoolers to age six.

Spell, Write and Read grows with your little one. Start by learning to match shapes and trace letters, enhance learning by associating sounds with words, and along the way your superstar will learn to spell commonly used words in a stress-free, interactive program.

Benefits of Spell, Write and Read include:

  • Learning to identify shapes and colors as they drag and drop letters into their correct placement
  • Combining audio learning and association with visuals to enhance recognition and start reading
  • Positive reinforcement through use of audio and visual cues that includes earning stars for successful word matches
  • Ease into writing by following arrows to trace completed words

Spell, Write and Read is a unique program that includes a series of books, each containing twelve commonly used words: First Words, Animals, Color, Food, Jobs, Shapes, Clothing, Emotions, Weather and Sport. Download and try the First Words book today at no cost.

Teaching your child to Spell, Write and Read just got a little easier.

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Count, Sort and Match

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Newly updated app with retina display for new Apple and Android devices.

Selected as The best iPhone apps for creative kids “It just makes sense as reading, writing, and arithmetic!” – AppPicker

Selected as Best iPhone & iPod Apps for Kids for March 2013 – “Count, Sort and Match is an amazing app for children up to 6 years old that does just what it says. Through simple and intuitive games, children will learn how to count, how to correctly write the numbers, how to sort objects of different colors and to train their memory skills by matching cards.”

Reviewed by Geeks with Junior “Count, Sort, and Match is an excellent math-themed activity app for juniors ages three to five. The games are well implemented and the app is beautifully illustrated. I would recommend it just for the memory matching game alone, but overall the app is quite solid.” – Geeks with Junior

Featured in Kids Best iPad Apps – “Count, Sort and Match” simplifies key math concepts for preschool kids up to age 6. The app helps kids to count to 20, spell numbers, and sort by color, shape and size to preschool children. The app provides clear direction, an easy interface and colorful graphics to help keep younger kids engaged.

5 stars rating from  The iPhone Mom – Featured in “Best of” educational app for Early Childhood Math in Back to School newsletter.

Featured in the “Kids Best iPad Apps” section of the App Store in May 2013.

Develop foundational math skills with the fun, interactive Count, Sort and Match – perfect for preschoolers to age six. Your child will learn to:

  • Count – Apples magically appear on the apple tree as your child counts to 20 with audio confirmation along the way. Build associative understanding and fine motor skills tracing numbers alphabetically and numerically in the puffy white clouds above the apple tree. Choose to count in sequence or in random order.
  • Sort – Group laundry hanging on the clothesline into baskets first by shape, then colour and later size. Typical sorting games are limited to shapes but by providing additional grouping options children reinforce their understanding of this foundational mathematical skill.
  • Match – Numbers from 1 to 12 are shown numerically and pictorially on flash cards. As children match each number with its picture the cards flip to reveal a puzzle piece. Once all the cards have been successfully matched the completed puzzle picture is displayed.

Build your child’s mathematical skills and understanding with Count, Sort and Match – an educational, comprehensive and interactive program available at Apple iTunes and Google Play store.

Math just got fun.

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