The Wish

Written by Hannah Rennie


What could possibly be worse than having an annoying seven-year-old sister? If you’re a preteen girl named Abby, you’re about to find out that life as you imagine it can be much worse than life as it is. Hannah Rennie tells a story filled with mystery and magic. Be careful what you wish for.


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About the Author


Hannah is a book lover to the extreme. She absolutely loves reading and does it whenever she has the opportunity, reading several books at one time. When it comes to writing, her stories are usually fiction with very interesting and well developed characters in a variety of settings. Hannah gets her inspiration for writing from other books and her personal life. This particular story was inspired by a disagreement with her sister. Hannah wants others to read and enjoy reading like she does and she hopes that having her book published will inspire other students to write as well.


When Hannah is not reading or writing, she likes to do creative artwork, illustrative drawing, listening to music, tae kwon do, soccer, math competitions, knitting, friendship bracelets, weaving, and challenging puzzles. Hannah is currently saving her money for a trip to Egypt with her family. She would like to become a teacher, like her mother, when she grows up.  


Hannah was featured in her local paper Whitecourt Star
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About Kids Write 4 Kids


Ripple Digital Publishing started its annual Kids Write 4 Kids creative challenge to encourage kids to read and write. Our sense of self, creativity and ambition grow from the support we had during our youth. By providing youth with opportunities to share their stories, we hope to help build a generation of adults that love to read and write.


Kids Write 4 Kids is a non profit program by Ripple Foundation.  Net proceeds are donated annually to different charities and schools. Ebooks are available to download at Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle’s Kindle and Kobo eBooks. Printed version can be purchased at Amazon Bookstore.  


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